Post “9-11” GA Airport

“unauthorized” =’s a threat to “National Security”!


One thought on “Post “9-11” GA Airport

  1. When I first started flying back in ’69, ALL airports were an “open house” for all to come and see the miracle of manned flight – up close and personal There were many open gates. There were no locked gates. The “Big Airports” had special parking areas, strategically located for the best viewing of the big airliners taking off and landing.. The “Kid at the Airport Fence” was not yet extinct.
    Slowly but surely, the big “airspace grab” was taking hold. There were the Terminal Control Areas, where flight within it required aircraft to be “Mode C” equipped, and pilots to be “Private Certificate” equipped as well. There were a total of 21 TCA’s. These slowly expanded in the late ’80’s to include “Airport Radar Service Areas” with similar operating restrictions at less-than “big deal” airline hubs. The “Mode C” area now went down to the surface and upwards to infinity and outward to a 30 nautical mile radius at these “blue chip” biggies – ORD, LAX, SAN, SFO, ATL,BOS, JFK, MIA – etc. etc…….
    Then came “9-11”, and ‘airplanes’ , ‘flying’ and Muslims became “dirty words”. From that day onward, Aviation and the United States of America were never the same.

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