The venerable Cessna 172. The stablemate student trainer for a majority of flight schools. Now with gross weights being looked at more carefully, as well as today’s peeps being a bit taller and fatter (and older) than the student pilots of the olden days; the turn away from the old two place Cessna and piper aircraft has extended the life of theis – perhaps the oldest continuous production airplane – fron 1956 to the present day.

AHHHH !!! – the “olden days”. Those of the mid 1960’s through the early 1980’s, an era where I blossomed into an FAA Rated Private Pilot, so I can work on my Commercial rating, courtesy of Uncle Sam and his Vietnam Era G.I.Bill.

Long live the Cessna 172. For it is in this airplane that I have been taking my BFR rides (in spite of operating as a Light Sport Pilot).
The Vans “RV” series of airplanes – today’s largest number of small General Aviation aircraft being built. And they’re all built by individual “homebuilders”, who built these kits from Vans Aircraft in Aurora, Oregon. Over 6,000 of ’em, I think.

The neatest Vans (imo) is the slick ,Light Sport RV12 – either kit built by the individual (ELSA), or factory built by Vans Aircraft as a ready to fly SLSA.

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