At this stage of my life, I “put up” with events, rather than enjoy them.

The bureaucracy (or me) is getting worse each year. There are those for whom “Total Control” is a gift from God. If someone isn’t where they’re supposed to be, or the camper pass is not correctly inserted onto the stalk of the vehicle’s rearview mirror as it is being driven in an “unauthorized” area; AND (God forbid), the driver is not wearing an authorized wrist band (signifying payment of admission fees), and gives some “Lame” excuse that he is camping in the “Light Flight”area ~ ~ ~ Who-Y, all Hell breaks loose.

Was it worth the one hundred twenty bucks* to be abused?
No. *(especially if the price breakdown includes:
– Camping fee, forty bucks + the price of one admission .. also forty bucks; which also makes sense, because SOMEONE had to drive the darned thing into the camping area —


I was also charged an X-TRA admission for (?) — the “car”?. Another forty bucks. Grand total = $120 for a 3 day “airshow”.
Therefore, I argued that since my car paid a $40.00 admission fee, my care should have every right to roam around the airshow area – JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. After all, (and the Supreme Court made it legal) if Corporations are people, then admission-paying vehicles are people too, and should be granted the same rights and privileges as other airshow-going people (Madam Empress of Arlington didn’t “buy it”).


I got to fly a Powered Parachute for a couple of days (in the early morning calm and stable air), and am scheduled for further training; so I can attain my “SOLO SIGN-OFF”, and happily fly my single-seater PPC until such time as “EYE” feel comfortable and confident enough to pass the Oral / Practical (otherwise known as the “Checkride”). I’ve got a couple of hours under my belt so far. Mark is a great instructor. Let’s me work at my own (slo) pace. There’s a two day LSR-I certification course I plan on taking the first weekend in August, so I will be able to do my own Annuals.

It’s going to be plenty busy for this “retiree” in the next few month$. If I don’t dew this now, I will never do this.The Six Chuter will NOT be another Challenger.



This is my “baby” – a 2007 Six Chuter SP 103 single seat Powered Parachute.



Lights out at Camp Scholler-1

This is the inside of my Van.        Next time I go to Arlington, I’ll be sleeping in this  ………..  no more cold grounds and short tents. Anybody got an electric outlet??



……is a 2004 Pleasureway Lexor TD class B motorhome. Basically, a 2004 Chevy Express 3500 Cargo Van decked out to the 9’s.



The VAN, on her return from OSHKOSH 2010 at the municipal airport in Valley City, North Dakota.




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